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Tips In Solving Your Problems On Eyelash Extensions: What You Should Do

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As you go through an eyelash extension treatment, there are different steps that you have to take. You have to become much more aware of the process. And to keep your new lashes in better condition, there are some things that you should avoid doing. But then, you may have some trouble that you’d encounter, especially for beginners. Since it’s a cosmetic treatment, it also needs time to adjust to your natural eyelashes. To make it simple, keep your eyelash extensions as if it’s natural to achieve the look you want to have. As a result, it’ll be much more worth it.

It’s not that easy. But, with discipline and information, you can have those long eyelashes without any hassle. The struggles may be due to the small details of the treatment. So, as much as possible, pay attention to your faux lashes carefully. Take the best russian volume lashes from Fancy Lash and other beauty clinics for some help if you want to seek for guidance and assistance. They can help you and assist you with any concerns.

But for now, here are some of the tips that you may use to resolve any issues in your eyelash extension treatment.

  •       Unequal Length Of Eyelash Extensions

You have to keep your eyelashes balanced and proportional. Once these are not of equal length, it’ll be not pleasing to look at. To keep your eyelash extensions on the same volume and length, make sure not to tangle them with your natural lashes. You have to brush them with your fingers as much as possible carefully. As they curl up, it’ll be hard to untangle them. You have to keep them straight. Don’t use any curlers for this matter. Prevent it from being twisted. Always check whether both your eyelashes are having the same length to make it seem much more natural.

  •       Immediate Falling Of Some Strands 

It’s one of the biggest problems when you go through an eyelash extension treatment – when strands of faux lashes fall easily. There’s a reason why this happens. Remember that the eyelash extensions should stick with the natural lashes. And to do it, it takes some time, and water is prohibited. Keep your eyelash extensions untouched with anything liquid. It might affect the lashes not to stick at all. It should last for quite some time. Please don’t get it wet within 24 hours. So, instead of rinsing off your face with water, use wipes. You can consult lash extensions Double Bay at Fancy Lash or any other beauty clinics to help you out and guide you.

  •       No Plucking And Keep Your Dirty Hands Away

Sometimes, after an eyelash extension, you may tend to feel quite uncomfortable and begin touching your eyelash extensions. Refrain from doing so. It may cause sudden irritation. Leave it be. Keep your lashes safe. Otherwise, it might easily be plucked. Let it stay and dry for a while. To ensure it’s thick and long, prevent from touching it.

Final Word

These are some of the ideas that you may use once you encounter the same set of problems in your new lashes. Remember that you have to let it dry for a while for a longer-lasting effect. Don’t use curlers or even mascara to bear outstanding results.

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