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hair styling in New York City

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Any good male Manhattan hairdresser will say that a hairdryer is harmful! No matter how many gentle modes are available in the instructions for the unit, preference should always be given to natural hair drying. If there is no time left to let your hair dry, you can use it in cold air mode. Drying in this way will not be so fast. But the hair will be dealt minimal damage.

Daily styling with aggressive fixing agents is contraindicated for owners of any hair type. If you need to fix the hair, it is better to give preference to varnishes and gels of easy fixation with the most natural composition. Usually they are designed for each hair type separately. For a festive event where you want to look perfect, it is better to turn to professionals: competent hairdressers know everything about beautiful hairstyles for men and choose the right type of face and style of clothing.

Choosing a comb, it is important to follow the “do no harm” rule. This means that it should not be too stiff or too soft. Ideally, a man’s arsenal should have at least two male combs: a simple scalloped comb and a massage brush. It is also important to remember that on this subject of personal hygiene you can not save! It is recommended to replace the old brush with a new one at least once every six months.

Also, trichologists recommend visiting barbershops at least six times a year. With intensive hair growth, you can resort to the services of masters every month. This helps to renew the hair structure, get rid of split ends and start growth processes. Besides, a professional hairdresser or barber will consult the client on any questions about hair care and offer different options for great hairstyles for men.

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